Offering free tickets to anyone with a Burley Postcode. Its FREE entry on the Friday 27th May – with proof of address

Blackwell Bushcraft

Blackwell Bushcraft CIC is a non for profit organisation that strives to provide primitive skills and knowledge to the local community. We find time away from technology and in nature has huge benefits to your physical and mental wellbeing.  

We incorporate survival skills, sustainability, primitive knowledge and practical application of the learnt skills.  

Come join us at Burley Festival for our Basket Weaving, Natural Cordage or Fire by Friction Workshops to learn a new skill! — 

–Nature Provides– 

Our story began on the very door step of the East of the New Forest, ‘Blackwell Bushcraft CIC’ is a Community Interest Company founded in late 2020 to provide accessible Bushcraft lessons to all with a focus on children, teens and families. Being a community Interest Company ensures we are not for profit and for the benefit of the community. 

Blackwell aspires to improve the mental wellbeing amongst the local community (and others) by teaching practical outdoor skills and to make a positive difference without the requirement of modern technology.   

Saturday 28th – Bramble Basket Weaving Workshop -10:00 – 1400 (Break for 1hr for lunch) 

Max 12 People 

Come and join us for a weaving time! We’ll be discussing natural materials you can use to weave your own country style frame baskets and how to prepare the materials. We will then guide you through the process of making your own basket from some pre prepared materials we provide. Time flys whilst weaving, so get ready to have a relaxing time and unleash your inner weaver!  

Saturday 29th – Natural Cordage Workshop  

1500 – 1600 

Max 12 people 

A very underrated skill to learn is cordage! We use it alot within Bushcraft and once you know how to make it naturally you’ll never be without a handy rope when in the wilderness. We’ll be discussing materials you can use, how to identify them and prepare them. We will then guide you through the method to turn your very own raw material into a cordage masterpiece! 


Sunday 29th – Fire By Friction Demo  

30 Minute Demo with one of our instructors discussing materials, prep and the process  

11:00 and 14:00 

We’ll be showing you how to prepare and successfully get an ember with a bow drill, this is a rewarding skill once learnt and one that should be practiced again and again