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Garnish Lounge

We supply dehydrated fruits and botanicals to garnish drinks. We only use the best fruit, our products are 100% natural no sugar, artificial flavours or colours are added. We dehydrate our products for 10-15 hours we dry them extremely slowly so the flavour becomes very intense. Our drink garnishes are not only great with gin, they can be added to cocktails, prosecco, water, soft drinks the list goes on. You only need to add one slice of fruit to infuse your drink and the best thing of all you can keep topping up your drink all evening and the flavour will continue to come through. The reason why our garnishes are great is they come with a five month shelf life so there will be no more throwing away that half unused, unloved lime at the back of your fridge. Our garnishes come in a variety of mixes and we also have cocktail sugar rims and salts made from our dehydrated fruit.