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Grounded Coffee

Our story began back in 2014 when we bought and converted an old 1976 Series 111 Land Rover (Arthur) into a coffee truck, we took him to a shed load of events across the south as a hobby at weekends. 


Since then we have expanded our fleet of trucks into a well established family of six. We attend hundreds of events each year from music festivals to corporate events and everything inbetween! 

As our interest in coffee grew we thought how awesome it would be to roast our own, so in 2019 we decided to do just that! 


We bought a 1940’s roaster and housed it in an old farm grain store (incase you haven’t noticed – we love giving old things new life!). She is an amazing machine and produces some epic coffee, she takes a fair bit of skill to run as everything is done manually and by eye but the extra effort is totally worth it!