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Karen Frampton Art

I am a New Forest Artist, having lived all my life in the area. From a very young age, I have always loved painting. After leaving school, I decided to take up art as my main hobby and it has been my passion ever since. I started using pencil, producing detailed drawings of local buildings and landmarks, having always had an interest in architecture. I mainly use watercolour these days but still love to produce pencil drawings especially using coloured pencil, some subjects really lend themselves to this type of medium. 

My style of work is always very detailed and realistic. I love to capture the fabric of a historic building or the workings of a vintage steam engine! Much of my artwork is commission work, whether it is a portrait of a family pet, a painting of your home, or local church or a well loved local scene. I work from photographs, either supplied by the client or taken by myself. I like to be able to offer my art at affordable prices, my philosophy is that Art should be available for all to enjoy. I am happy to discuss any ideas or subjects for a painting – I love a challenge!