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Shady Shack

Back in the summer of 2018, we were a fun-loving trio on the wrong side of our twenties, who loved boozing, but could no longer hack the hangover. We started searching for other drinks that could help us cut down on units: shandy seemed to be on the tip of the tongue, but we weren’t convinced this parent-pleasing tradition would suit us. We decided to give it a second chance anyway… 

The shandies that we started mixing weren’t any old shandies. We mixed some cracking craft beers with different amounts of top notch sodas. Some of them tasted unreal. Against the advice of our parents and mates, we quit our jobs, built a rickety pop-up bar, and went on tour with the best shandies we’d created to see if people liked them as much as us. And so Shandy Shack was born!