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Zeen Cusine

Zeen Cuisine is an events catering company specialising in Carribean food from Jamaica. 


Sample Menu 

BBQ & Events Menu 


  1. Curry Goat 
  1. Various types of chicken 

(Jerk Chicken /Curry Chicken/Mango Chicken) 

  1. Various types of Chicken  


  1. Various types of rice 

Rice n Peas/white Rice/Caribbean rice  


  1. Dumplings  
  1. Cinnamon bites 

8. Festivals  

9. Salt fish bites  

10.  Plantain  

11. Patties 


Various salads 

12. Jerk Coleslaw  

13. Chili Jam  

14. Guava Jelly  

Various Vegetarian dishes 

16. Ital soup 

17. Hard food 

(when available)